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CBE SBAPS Study Process


Study Overview & Process Reference

In 2008, the Council for the Built Environment (CBE) directed that the 2003  space needs assessment compiled in support of the development of the Campus Master Plan be updated.  The purpose of the update was to understand the current (Fall 2008) space needs of each College, by Department, which will be the basis for planning future space assignments and capital projects.  The scope of the project included all departmental academic, research and agency space at the College Station Campus.  Administrative and non-E&G spaces will be assessed separately in a future phase of the study.

Study Results

The following presentation provides a general overview of the process and the specific data provided by each department.   The personnel data collection template (Excel format) is also available below: 

Space Process Presentation

Personnel Data Collection Template

Personnel Category Description

Space Inventory Summaries    

Space Inventory Summary Categories

Designated Space: Office, Office Service, Conference Rooms, Research & Teaching Laboratories

Special Use Space: For the SNAPS study, please provide a listing of specialized spaces not currently on the facilities inventory, but required to accomplish the departmental mission.  Excludes: Office, Office Service, Conference Rooms, Research & Teaching Laboratories spaces which will be projected elsewhere in the space needs assessment study.

Office Space Size Graphic

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