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Area of Responsibility

In support of our Mission, the office is responsible for these general areas:

  1. Being an information resource.   The Office of Facilities Coordination maintains the central repository  of the official campus building and room inventory, the associated floor plans and campus mapping.  These databases are updated periodically, noting all changes which affect the space utilization of the University's facilities. Inventories and other products describe the facilities usage of the following TAMU System components:
    • Texas A&M University
    • TAMU Systems Agencies: College Station
      • Including TAMUS Extension Offices state-wide
    • Texas A&M University at Galveston
  2. Providing a wide range of analytical functions.  Using the attribute database of the facilities inventory, analyses ranging from the simple description of room usages to the development of complex space needs assessments for university departments can be provided.
  3. Developing reports that deliver the necessary information for a given need or application.
    • External reporting - The facilities inventory database is reported periodically to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB).  In part, these data are used by the THECB to analyze Classroom and Teaching Lab Utilization, state-wide space needs, and infrastructure funding needs.
    • Internal reporting - Reports providing the facilities or land use data needed as the basis for the management decisions in support of internal university initiatives.  Examples include: Classroom and Teaching Lab Utilization; Space Needs Assessment and Planning System (S.N.A.P.S.); and infrastructure funding.
  4. Coordination of University land use.  Through the use the official campus basemap and  the associated land use inventory, noting current and future land uses, the office coordinates the uses of the University's land.  This provides for the active management of the University's land and related interests and includes coordinating such activities as oil well drilling access; research projects at Riverside Campus, and event coordination/notification. 
  5. University Facilities and Land Use Data.  Although there may be many working versions of the following data elements, Facilities Coordination is the College Station Campus' authoritative source for:
    • Campus Maps
    • Land Use
    • Building Names
    • Building Floor Plans
    • Space Use Inventory (state-wide TAMUS Agencies)
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