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The Texas A&M University Office of Facilities Coordination (FCOR) endeavors to enhance the University's access to facilities information and to grow and develop these capabilities by implementing a new and innovative facilities and land use management information system.  By creating new interfaces and integrating with other facilities related data, this system will be a major source of accurate and meaningful management information.  It is the vision of FCOR that this new system be the standard for facilities-related information management within and without Texas A&M University.

Division of Finance and Administration


FCOR actively participates through membership or staff support in the following campus organizations:

  • Council On Built Environment  (CBE)
    • Facilities Utilization Review Sub Council
    • Technical Sub Council (TSC)
    • University-wide Space Needs Assessments (SNAPS)
    • Facilities Condition Assessment Task Force
  •  Campus Committees
    • Issues Management Team
    • Classroom Scheduling Task Force
    • Enrollment Management Task Force
    • Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC)
  •  Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
    • Space Usage Efficiency Working Group
    • Database Structure Working Group
    • Peer Review Team (Space Audit)



FCOR staff have of a wide range of expertise ready to meet the related responsibilities, needs, and challenges in support of the University and its internal and external constituencies.



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